Moving isn’t exactly classified as the easiest task in the world, nor is it fun, ever. Moving an entire household full of items can be a difficult process that can get chaotic in the blink of an eye, but with the right tips to keep you organized and grounded – moving can become a completely different story. We have gathered some of the best moving tips for you to follow before your move, and experience moving in a completely different scenario. Check out our favorite moving tips below.

Choose a random date to move

Instead of moving on a weekend, by the end of the month or the beginning of the month, pick a random weekday to move on. This is when the rates for the services of moving companies tend to be much lower, as there is less demand for their services and most people tend to move on the dates previously mentioned. This can make a lot of difference when the final bill is provided to you as the cost can easily add up.

Always request at least three moving quotes

Instead of going with the first moving company you have called, no matter how satisfied you may be with them after your phone call, call at least two more and compare the quotes you have received as well as the services that they offer you. Make sure that you are hiring a reliable, licensed and insured moving company – as you don’t want to be scammed during your move, that’s for sure.

Score deals on boxes at local business’ or recycling drop-offs

There are so many ways to find free boxes – as you most likely won’t be using them more than once or twice in your life. Moving boxes can also get pretty pricey at times. Your local recycling drop-offs most likely have some free moving boxes for you to pick up. Visiting local business’ such as offices, bookstores, liquor stores and grocery stores can be other options to score some free boxes for your move.

Find your original electronics boxes

Moving your electronics such as your tv or computer can be a tricky process. These are valuables that tend to break easily, and you want them as protected as possible during your move. Find your old tv boxes, and do the same for all of your electronics and small appliances as they will provide your fragile items with the best form of protection possible. If you don’t happen to have them anymore, purchasing them from your movers is well worth the cost – and a much cheaper alternative than having your expensive items break during your move.

Take photos of everything

Before packing your belongings, make sure to take photos of everything you are planning to move, specifically bigger furniture pieces or valuable, fragile items. In case anything is damaged or broken during your move, you might be needing these photos to receive compensation.

Color-code and label your moving boxes

Having your boxes properly labeled and color coded can ensure a more organized moving process and a more efficient service provided by your movers. Not only that, but writing down the contents of your boxes will speed up the entire unpacking process once you arrive at your new home as you will be knowing exactly where each item is.

Heavy items go in small boxes

Instead of placing your heaviest pieces in large boxes, don’t. It will be much safer and easier to handle your heavy items if placed inside smaller boxes, and will help your movers load and unload them more efficiently.

Don’t leave space in your boxes

If the box rattles – it needs padding. Your valuables can easily break during transit when there is space inside, and if you want to kill two birds with one stone – consider padding your items with blankets, sheets, pillows or clothing.

Moving essentials

Having your essentials packed in a separate box, suitcase or bag can save your life once you have settled into your new home. You most likely won’t want to unpack everything as soon as you arrive, so having some essentials that you will be needing immediate access to during the following days is very important.

Have water on hand during your move

Moving is exhausting, and if you are moving during moving season, you and your movers will need a lot of water to get through the day. Bring a pack of bottled water with you, as your movers will surely be thankful and you will most likely thank yourself as well.

Gather some cash to tip your movers

As tipping has become a common thing in general culture, tipping your movers for a job well-done can be a nice gesture that they will be thankful for. Having some extra cash on hand to tip them or in case of any unexpected expenses is always a good thing to consider during your move.